Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Big Game

A sea of maize and blue. The population of our fair town doubles on game day. RVs set up at the high school across from the stadium. Cost to park for the weekend? $120. At least it goes towards the school system. Celebrating began early in Ann Arbor with people arriving midday Friday for a Saturday night game. I avoid going into town like the plague but Josh needed a ride down there this afternoon and then a few hours later, a ride back. I know the back streets. The main ones were clogged. We had a misunderstanding  when I was supposed to pick him up . Texting was not working..all those phone in one place shut the system down. Very frustrating. How quickly we've come to rely on those silly cell phones. They allegedly bring in portable towers to boost things on game day but not enough of them.

This has been a low key week. Fortunately the weather was good for biking and running.

Starting to get bored though...

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