Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The miracle of GPS

Josh has been bugging me to get an app for my phone, Run Keeper. I finally relented and used it for my bike ride today. Every 5 minutes from my back ( I keep the phone in my jersey pocket protected with a baggy) I hear how far I went and what my average pace was. It also keeps track of how far I climb and gives me a chart on my pace for each mile. During one mile, I averaged 16 mph. On my lowest, near home in which I have to slow down to accommodate many turns (90 degree turns with narrow paths are NOT bicycle friendly) my pace dropped to 11 mph. What it doesn't record is my fastest speed which going downhill with a tailwind was 25 mph.

Steve is using the app for his walks. Maybe he will start running again as it keeps track of everything.

Not sure I want to take it running. Maybe I want to keep ignorant of how slow I've become. I did note that my bike odometer is very accurate.

I think one of the hardest things about parenting is reminding a certain child what needs to be done. Very exhausting and disheartening. I finally decided it would be easier to make the many phone calls myself even if they ask Are you the legal guardian? Got most of the stuff done with a minimum of BS. Of course someone needs to know how to do this themselves.

Another day.

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