Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humming birds and moths

Sphinx humming bird moth
Recently Steve got yet another camera as if his other one wasn't fancy enough. The sphinx moth paid a visit yesterday afternoon and using his new camera, he was able to photograph it. Much better than my iphone photo in the rain and dark I took a few weeks ago. They fly almost as fast as a hummingbird. You can see the wings are beating very fast. They do not have a beak but have a very long tongue as you can see here.

Ms Dominant hummingbird not only watches the feeders against invaders but keeps an eye on the flowers too. No one except her is allowed to feed on my patio. One of the meeker hummingbirds will sneak to feed on the lower flowers but is quickly noticed and chased away. Sometimes they fly just inches from our head during their battles. I wonder if anyone has ever been impaled in the eye from a hummingbird beak. Steve thought it was close to happening with him the other night.

No word re my new grand daughter.

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