Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ms. Maya Goes to School

Maya upset that Naomi can't go to school with her but once she found her cousin in her class, she was smiling again
It is becoming more difficult to have her stand still for a picture

Building a tower in free play at the library yesterday

Yesterday was the last day I will take Maya to the library reading hour for a while as of today she will be in school four afternoons a week. During her school time, she will receive speech therapy twice a week. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically in the past 2 months but she is very difficult to understand.

Examples of Maya speak:
Yuk Danpa!
translation: Look Grandpa!
She uses Danpa for Grandma too. When prompted, she will amend it to Danma but then will revert to Danpa to mean either of us.
I want bitch!
I want a picture.

So many health forms to fill out including more lead testing. If she didn't have lead poisoning before she was two and still is in the same environment, how would she be exposed to lead? She no longer puts things in her mouth. The only possible lead exposure would be cheap Chinese toys. At every step, Naomi gets dire warnings, If this isn't done by such and such, she will be excluded. If she is late one minute, she will be excluded. f you don't attend this meeting, she will be excluded.

The school is on the other side of town. Maya will be bussed in a few weeks, which Naomi is nervous about.

Still too warm here but a cold front will move in late today and then it will be fall. I will bike before the storms.
Josh finished his home improvement projects for now. The baby is free to pop out now. Still 16 days to go.
Glass and ceramic backsplash. He was quoted $1500 to install it but he did it himself with some help from a work buddy

Note all those handles that I helped put on  a couple of weeks ago. 42 of them (some of them were in the 3 bathrooms)


Holly said...

wow - so much going on for you! not sure how you do it all!

Teri Bernstein said...

Beautiful kitchen! I have the same fridge...


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