Friday, September 27, 2013

Confessions of an Insomniac

It is very rare that I make it through the night without waking up for at least an hour or two. I hate the nights!
As a kid, I would not wake up until morning. If I make it to 5 am, I consider that a good night. Usually I am up at 3 am. Rather than lie motionless in bed, I retreat to Josh's old room and read. Otherwise I will ruminate on all sorts of dark subjects depending on what is going on in my life at the moment. Yoga has helped me relax. I noticed how tense my muscles usually are and now I make an effort to relax them.

Usually I am up for good by the time the sun comes out, which sadly is later and later. I have an alarm that goes off at 7:15 am. No reason to be sleeping past then. In contrast, I  love early mornings. The day is fresh with all sorts of possibilities. I drink my coffee thoughtfully prepared by Steve (he claims I make a mess if I make it), look at the internet and do a Killer Sudoku. Then I am off to to exercise while I have the most energy and when it is cool outside.

Scams: Lately I've gotten more and more junk texts. I never respond but now I am collecting them to have them blocked. But it seems each time, it's a different address. Today via snail mail we get this important looking envelope that says Deed Processing. in it, it says due to a recent transfer of property we MUST get a copy of the house deed for $84 or our world will be destroyed as we know it. We also have been receiving all sorts of welcome to the neighborhood offers. What gives? We've been living here now 30 years.
Then remembered we retitled everything into a trust (or almost everything..some investment houses make this really difficult to do).

Gold Star Day: This is the day I circled on my calendar marking off the weeks diligently leading up to this. But what is happening? Julie feels it will be Sunday. Last night (late again, my MIL is not aware we live in a different time zone)my MIL called wanting to know details about the new baby. No new baby.
But it is a beautiful day. After my run and bike ride, I sit on the patio surrounded by my flowers and a humming bird. The chickadees are spending more time too using the ant trap as their water bowl (It hasn't rained here forever). I read the paper and rehydrate. ne of the articles concerned possible endings for Breaking Bad. My favorite: Walter joins forces with Tony Soprano, kill all the Nazis, releases and forgives Jesse, who goes off to college to become a chemistry teacher.  Walt becomes Hal and remarries to have 4  boys, one of who is Malcolm.

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