Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maya at the dentist

Laughing gas delivered in a chocolate flavored mask. She kept wanting to eat the mask

Still smiling
This has been our year for dentists. Between Steve needing his jaw rebuilt for an implant, not covered by insurance and it was not cheap, his implant and other work and now Maya and a new crown for me, well let's say we will have no trouble making the medical deduction for our income tax and of course, Maya doesn't count towards that.

Funding for 3 year olds  to attend preschool was restored at the last minute. However she would not be allowed to attend without a dental check-up ( and numerous other tests: a hearing test every year? more lead tests even though she always tests negative). It took Naomi 2-3 years to get into the dental school. We figured it would take just as long for Maya (though it turns out it won't as long as we have a referral from a dentist). I took her to Shanna's dentist who accepts patients quickly and is especially good with young children. Downside? Have to pay with no help from insurance. She ended up with 3 cavities, one on a molar and 2 very small ones on the front teeth that could be due to iron staining. Since she will have the molar for a while, I paid to have that fixed but the two small ones, which they wanted just as much to fix a piece, we will wait for the dental school.

My early memories of dentists were awful. This one just could never hit the right nerve. I would tell him that I was feeling everything he did but he wouldn't listen to me and said I didn't know what I was talking about. Evil man! And most of his handiwork had to be replaced less than 10 years later as he was incompetent too.

There always seems to be some pain involved..even the novocaine shot. But she was outfitted with laughing gas and didn't feel a thing. She thought going to the dentist was fun.

It is cool and dry in the morning now, so nice for running.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments about winter and how you are not a fan remind me that so many of my friends go to Arizona or Palm Desert during Feb. and March. They rent a place for four to six weeks. Think I might try that when my husband retires. The cold is too much and sunshine makes me feel better.


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