Saturday, September 14, 2013

A good night for sky writing

The "go" had become fuzzy

What the restaurant does with its left over oyster shells
Calm and clear (and cool). A perfect tableau for sky writing. Last week, there was a much bigger audience but persistent cloud cover made sky writing useless. This morning, more of the same but the large trees around my house make viewing difficult.

Josh and Julie took us out to our lovavore restaurant in appreciation of my drawer handle job. Eating downtown would have been impossible as we probably couldn't park. As it is, this restaurant was very crowded as it has a national reputation. Lots of alumni there. We at least had chairs for our hour wait. I suggested to Josh that he let a pregnant lady have a seat. He asked why don't I give her MY seat.

Hey, I'm a sexagenarian.

But it was a good dinner. Less than 2 weeks to go. My prediction? The 20th. She will be 39 weeks 1 day then.

It is so much easier running in the cool air. Got a bike ride in too.

But the game....not so good. It was predicted to be a blowout but as it turned out, we were lucky to win. I couldn't bear to watch it though Steve kept updating me.

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