Monday, September 23, 2013

Bicycling on Walnut shells

Daniel and his light saber

Mermaid costume for Maya .  Comes with a starfish bracelet and fancy head piece

Tess studying her shadow

my niece in fall leaves
I took off biking into a stiff wind yesterday morning, temperature 50 degrees. Ah fall! The route is lined with many black walnut trees (didn't people used to steal these?). The squirrels toss the empty shells down into my path. Blackbirds are congregating in large noisy masses; vultures are picking away at the most recent deer roadkill. The two hummingbirds are still duking it out for rights to the feeder. As I went to change one of them yesterday, the hummingbird flew into my face. Was she protecting the feeder or urging me to change it as a wasp was rotting away inside.

Later Shanna and the grandbabies come over. They seem to like the Buddha Board. Even Tess managed to paint something. But after 5 minutes, their art creations evaporate into the breeze.

Each morning I awake thinking today I will meet my new grand daughter. But alas! No progress. Due date is Friday. Half of babies are to born after the due date theoretically but with so much intervention, I don't know how true that is any more. Naomi's OB said she never lets her patients go past their due date. This made me uneasy as her due date was determined by a late ultrasound. Maybe her baby was large for gestational age (seeing how tall both Dontae and Naomi are) but that turned out to be a moot point as we had to quit the OB and Naomi went into labor without any prodding.


Kathy&Chris said...

Beautiful background photo Sue!
Is that the baby afghan you crochet'd?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Yes it is. Having trouble editing the rest of my template though. I can't update my photos, only delete them.


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