Saturday, September 21, 2013

Waiting for baby girl..

Days are long when you are waiting for a baby to be born. I was 10 days late with Shanna and time just stood still. When I was about a week late, during an OB visit, my blood pressure was sky high and I had severe edema. I was told I would be induced the next day as I was risking eclampsia. But in the hospital the very next morning, the edema was gone and my blood pressure was normal. Also they said I wasn't responding to the pitocin and I was sent home minus a baby. A few days I awoke with mild contractions that went on for the whole day though they weren't particularly painful.  We to the hospital to be checked out by an especially unpleasant resident who said my contractions were nothing and that if they were real, I wouldn't be smiling but screaming for dear life. She said my OB told her to admit be anyway because the high blood pressure returned but I definitely was NOT in labor. I didn't see much point in staying there plus I had plans for the evening. Within an hour, I was back. since I had dilated just a little in that hour, she said I was now in labor.

Since Josh has his football viewing friends over tonight, he wants the baby to stay in for just one more day. Tomorrow he will focus his thinking on wishing the baby out. We will see how that goes.

The last evening of summer 2013. I sat for a while on my patio waiting for my hummingbirds while I drank a mojito. They didn't appear. The cosmos swayed in the breeze. A cold front had come through and I experienced that rare feeling of being cold.

Last night, a friend and I had a Orange is the New Black marathon viewing session. A great show.

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Holly said...

I also loved "Orange". Piper, the protagonist, went to Smith College though many ears before my daughter. This being LA, I know the woman who is the senior PA for the show. Now she's working on the Mindy Project.


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