Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Art....

Dinosaur made from junk. Probably people will vote it in the top ten

Interesting food trucks: Righteous food and What the TrucK
With the right lighting, anything looks good. These are stryofoam shipping containers for different objects

Ugly Jesus. Initially I was going to nominate this for the worst art but this photo improves upon the real thing. In Europe, I looked at beautiful religious art more than a 1000 years this what evolution does for us?

Is it a giraffe? A pteradon? TB should recognize the restaurant behind it

Lots of seed beads

These are bells you can play

At night, this glows golden. During the day, hard to see

Social issue church

Unhappy tourist

This was a series of ten doors. My friends face is pressed against the first window
Cute..but is it art?

Fish eye
We had a great day for ArtPrize though we drove through rain (and a rainbow). All was dry and sunny once we got to Grand Rapids. The breeze kept it from feeling too hot.
However, there wasn't nearly as much art as in years past though they say there are just as many entries. Must be much smaller installations. Also, we thought the quality was down. Much, much  more junk. Cutting crude cat shapes and slapping on sloppily  painted eyes and trying pink ribbons around the necks does not make art. And how many sculptures from junk can be entered?

Most unusual medium? egg plant slices. Some sort of papery product was made up of eggplant mush and allowed to dry in random shapes. Another installation was about 30 bales of steel wool dumped  in a row. What?

But there was still a lot of beauty and creativity. My feet were quite sore after tromping around for about 8 hours though we did take a break for lunch. Was mired in some awful accident on the freeway for about a half hour on the way back.

In the GRAM store, I bought a mini Buddha Board for the grandkids. I am not sure what it is made up but it is an easel in which you paint with water. You can admire your work for about 5 minutes and then it is gone when the water evaporates Maya enjoying painting on it this morning.

As for the baby,she may be coming soon. Julie has shown some signs of dilation. My guess is tomorrow as said before but then again, what do I know?

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