Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You can only get divorced on Tuesdays

This has been our year for divorces. first Josh, then Naomi. Today she and Don'tae had a meeting with the mediator to hash out custody arrangements and child support. After the meeting, she was told now she could get divorced any day she wants.
How about tomorrow?
No, it had to be on a Tuesday.
So next Tuesday, she will be unmarried.

Today also was the first day for Maya to ride the bus to school. She was very excited to see it come but when Naomi didn't get on with her, she was taken back. Naomi later got a call from the teacher to say that she asked to use the bathroom and did number one and number two. No big deal right?
She is 3 years old, about a year older than my kids but things happen later for Maya so we have to take our victories where we find them.

No baby yet. The baby did drop though so that's good. Technically she is not late. Tomorrow they will find out the OB's policy on interventions.

It is a beautiful fall day. Nice and cool for my run and later a little bike ride.

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Holly said...

LOVE your new background!


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