Monday, September 9, 2013

All things British...

I think I watch more British TV than American TV. Newest show to watch?
Last Tango in Halifax So far, it is very interesting

This show piqued my interest as I assume it takes place around Halifax. This is the town that I traced my English ancestor to Dr. Saxby, who would be my great-great grandfather on my father's mother's side born in the early 1800s as was his wife. It is in Yorkshire, which I visited in 2007 with Steve only we went to York as I did not know at that time about my relative coming from Halifax. For my travel blog see I guess I could see the city on TV.

We missed seeing Oxford, where we had planned to spend an afternoon due to torrential rains causing numerous train delays and rerouting. At least I can see the city on Endeavor and Inspector Lewis  where they say even the criminals have higher degrees than you do. Lots of murders going on in such a tiny town.

I also have been watching Silk, a story about two ambitious lawyers vying to become a judge, one that would wear a silk robe. I knew British judges wore those silly wigs. I did not know the barristers (lawyers) wore them too. They look sort of silly especially on a young black woman. The show is hard to follow due to differences in procedures and the names of the crimes. Drunk driving is Drink Driving? And I had to look up what cottaging was.

And of course I love Downton Abbey, which allegedly takes place in Yorkshire, home of at least a branch of my ancestors, though they do not film it there.

The count down continues for Baby Girl. 18 days to the due date. They are finishing up some home improvement projects during the next few days then they will try to entice the baby out by stepping up the walking routine.
It is supposed to be 96 tomorrow. Yuck!


Teri Bernstein said...

I've got to get you to start watching Nordic Noir...The Bridge, TheKilling.... Borgen...

BTW...thanks for the BD card from the new sexagenarian.

EAK13 said...

I like the British Programs especially the comedies..
I still haven't watched Downtown Abbey ..Now that one of my favourite Opera Singers will join the cast I am going to make an effort...
The new baby will be here soon Great News Sue. I saw the photos of Maya she has really grown...
love Alli..


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