Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sphinx hummingbird moth

These were moving so fast that I couldn't focus

It was dark and drizzling when I returned from my Cooking for Survivors class. Steve was outside with his camera trying to take movies of this flock of hummingbird moths frantically flitting from flower to flower. We've had hummingbird moths before, the slow moving tiny clearwing moths. These were nearly the size of the hummingbird and moved almost as fast as one. Their wings are solid but move so fast. At one point, I looked and found a real hummingbird hovering just a foot from me along with the moths. That would have been a nice picture. Unlike hummingbirds the moths didn't care about my presence but they only spent a few seconds per flower unrolling their 4 inch tongues. I have identified these as the white striped sphinx moth.

The torrential rains began shortly there after.

I hadn't been in my class in a while due to all my travelling. They were about to call me figuring that I must have become injured in my June bicycle trip. Aw I was missed. More antioxidant food: cauliflower salad, vegetable pasta and blueberry quesadillas.

The storm caused the temp to plummet from 93 to 68 just like that. Still sort of warm today and then it will be cold.

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