Saturday, August 31, 2013

Getting a handle on it..

Builders these days paint every room one color and do not include handles or knobs on their cupboards and drawers. Julie was tired of breaking her nails or walking around with a pancake turner to pry these things open  trying to get her stuff . A decision was made to put handles on these 41 drawers and cabinets. Someone said they would do it for $60/hour and that it would 8-12 hours to do it. Now drilling holes and screwing handles in seems like low skilled work. Josh figured that he and Steve could do it in much less time. At the last minute, Steve thought he might be getting sick (he never did, just a day of not wanting to eat) so I came in his place. We kept developing shortcuts to efficiently add all these handles. I think we spent less than 4 hours doing it.

We took a break to go to a Coney Island. For you non-mid-westerners, a coney island is what the east coast people call a diner. They are usually run by Greeks. Always on the menu is the coney island itself which is a chilidog. Do they have chilidogs on the actual Coney Island that Steve is from? Nah.

Fortunately they have lots of other food. I had a large tasty bowl of avgolemono soup (chicken lemon rice) along with my gyros. I used to work at a Greek owned restaurant and that was my favorite dish by far (don't like the Greek habit of adding cinnamon to their meat dishes).

I had wanted to bike there as it was too brutal to run in the high heat and humidity but as I had to carry a bunch of tools including a heavy drill and no one was going to drive me back, I took a day off from exercising vowing to do double duty today. I hadn't been there in about 3 months and hadn't seen all their home improvement projects.

Anyway, it was fun being with my son all day and the finished work looks nice.

Less than 4 weeks to the baby... meanwhile lots of photos.


Anonymous said...

Your blog posts are interesting and most of the time I can relate. My daughter's new home (new to them) has one color on the walls and no knobs or pulls on any of the drawers and cabinets.
alternate routes I have for just about any place in Portland, my husband didnt inherit the alternative route gene. :)

Holly said...

This photo series could be entitled 'hand on belly'!!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

You are right, Holly. I should have renamed my post Getting a hand on it. There were 225 photos (though some of them are just close-ups or black and whites of the same picture0. I think her hand is on her belly in almost everyone.


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