Monday, August 12, 2013

Whey wine

Sounds disgusting right? When cheese is made, the first step is to separate the curds and whey. The curds contain the protein and fats, the whey mainly lactose, ie milk sugar. Yeasts can use this as a substrate for fermentation.

I had told my hairdresser I was going to Astoria. Surprisingly, she had been there and had visited the whey winery. She especially liked the lemon meringue wine. Also in the it's a small world category, I had said something about this fantastic caramel nut roll I had on Torch Lake and it turned out to be her aunt's recipe as she owned the bakery at one time.

Steve and I paid this winery a visit. It is a one (old) man operation. Before you can taste, you listen to his lecture and tour the lab, very crude equipment. A very interesting guy with lots of opinions. He also makes blackberry wine but surprisingly I didn't like it. He was out of the lemon meringue but the cranberry orange whey wine actually was good. It has a different mouth feel, more viscous. His tp seller was a whey wine containing lots of chocolate. I found it too bitter. We bought the cranberry wine.  He gets his whey from a cheese factory. I think he must be the only one selling these wines though some hobbyists seem to make them too.

We are still in Seattle. What to do today? Tacoma glass museum with its Chihuly glass bridge? More mountains? Cute beach town, La Conner? I'll see what the troops think.

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