Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tipsy Sue

Hey I bet you just thought from the title that I was drunk. Last Saturday it was proposed that we all go paddleboarding on Green Lake, a lake that from previous visits I must have run around a hundred times. Only my SIL was enthusiastic about this. As said before, I have balance issues and I doubted I could even stand on the board but in the words of Hushpuppy, Don't be a pussy!

I should try anything at least once, right? The attendant asked if I would prefer a more stable board (No, give me the tipsiest..) Well I did get on to it without the help of a crane. My SIL held the board steady and I used the attendant as a handle which I am sure he loved. My cousin paddles out to the middle of her lake every morning to do paddle board yoga and she is 5 years older than hard can this be? Well maybe it would have been easier if it weren't a bit windy causing choppy waves. I finally decided that things would be better if I just relaxed. I tried to steer using just one side of the board, a big mistake but I was afraid I'd lose my balance transferring the paddle to the other side. My 10 minute ride was over once the wind pushed me into some paddleboats and I couldn't back paddle my way out. I fell in fairly shallow water but deep enough that some of it got in my mouth (lots of waterfowl on the lake though some people actually swim there) but I am glad I did it. I did last longer than I thought I would so that's a plus.

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