Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Island hopping


mussel capital of Washington.  Penn Cove mussels are on lots of local menus

wild blackberries all over Oregon and Washington

Coupeville art fair. Aside from baby gifts, I got a beautiful top

The one in the middle we gave to Julie Sunday
Has pockets to include kid's pictures as they grow

Also sold cute books

Ferry dock in Mukilteo

The ferry that took us to Whidbey Island
No line on this end but already a huge line forming to come back. We took the long way back

I thought this little girl was cute


Deception Pass Water was so pretty

Last Sunday was a busy day. After breakfast at Cloud Nine (yummy chocolate croissant), I went for a run around Green Lake (3 miles around, 2 cycles). We then went to the International district for Dim Sum on the south side of Seattle versus the north side that my SIL lives in.

On to Whidbey Island. I had purchased a Living Social to stay in this beautiful inn right on the water there. Alas, it was all filled up for the week I needed a room, probably due to the Art Fair they had at the same time but I got my money back. We also had purchased non-refundable rooms in the ferry town that we ended up not using as it was far away (not by miles but by traffic).

We were very lucky for the whole week we had great weather. This day was no exception with highs in the 70s. Seattle is surrounded by islands and most have ferries to them run by the state. Whidbey Island is especially scenic. As we drove off the ferry, we could see a long line forming to return to Seattle so we drove the length of the island north and crossed a tall bridge at Deception Pass to eventually return to the mainland.

The cutest town, Coupeville, had an art fair. As I had missed Ann Arbor's, it was fun looking through the stalls.The stores themselves looked very cute too. The shores were covered in mussels which are sold all over the state in the restaurants. Not a mussel fan. We bought some handmade puzzles that had Maya and Tessa on it (Tessa is a much rarer name) and a growth chart for the new baby that should contrast nicely with the nursery.

It was not pleasant driving back to Seattle as everyone else seemed to be returning at the same time and the air conditioning wasn't working. We met up with Steve's brother and his wife to have huge Italian salads to counterbalance  dim sum and croissants. 

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