Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Shower

Detail of sock rose

The Moms on Shanna's porch. I got my teal top at the art fair on Whidbey Island

Miss Tess

The blanket
It's been a busy last few days finishing up projects for Josh and Julie's shower. I still didn't block the blanket completely beyond flattening the curly edges or finish off the edges to my satisfaction. Fortunately I finished up the diaper cake on Thursday instead of my usual trick of leaving things to the last moment as at one point I was taking care of 4 grandchildren by myself yesterday. Also I was making my caramelized plum tart for the moms which involves a lot of time consuming steps. I eliminated one of them, making tart pastry opting instead for puff pastry (which actually the recipe calls for) which I do not make though Maya had fun 'helping' such as rolling the dough (she loves to sing 'roll it, roll it' while she does it)pricking it with a fork, brushing it with egg wash and sprinkling with sugar (though she ended up just dumping the sugar in one spot. This is what happens with 3 year old help.. But real tart pastry would have been better.

We had Mom's group last night, a rarer event in the summer given that many of us have been travelling (especially me). But we had a nice summer evening outside in ideal weather, drinking Nicey Spicey ( a coriander and orange laced beer made in the town we stayed our first night on the bike ride). Fireflies, hummingbirds, flowers,'s all coming to an end too soon.  Most of this week, I've spent evenings on our patio drinking my wine with Steve (who does not drink) watching the hummingbirds jockey for position. They do not like to share. More energy is consumed making sure the other does not eat.
I love being with the Moms. We all had our first babies 34 years ago within 2 months and know so much about each other's life and watched our kids evolve.

Despite getting home late, I woke up bright and early for a run in the cool morning air before helping Shanna with last minute details. The boys stayed with Steve. Tess was allowed to entertain the guests with her cuteness. Julie's last 2 showers did not include Josh's friends (he has many female friends) or my friends so this shower  was to include them. Also none of the Moms had seen Shanna's house. Josh's friends decided to have their own shower. The shower was fun. We played the traditional "Guess what poop this is?" with molten candy bars on diapers. Julie with her acute pregnancy enhanced senses won that one. How big is Julie's belly? Cut off some yarn and guess. Naomi won that. Lots of attractive presents, good food, bellinis (both peach and mango). Shanna's MIL came along with Josh's. Any more people would have been too much. I had Josh take some photos but I haven't gotten them. He came to help.

I'm tired. Lots of reading to catch up on.

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