Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer time

Daniel at the playground

Lunch next to the train thundering by

Cold..cold..cold after swim class
Yesterday was chock full of activities in this ones little life. As I knew I would be busy, busy , busy, I got up early to get a run in then I took the boys to their swim class so Shanna could go to the dentist. We then played on the playground a bit. Off I went to meet a good friend for lunch. I love to eat outside when the weather isn't too hot. Strange bit of negativity. This woman kept staring at me. Was it because I was with a black man? Did I sprout horns? Did she think she knew me from somewhere? When the train thunders by, the ground shakes..the boys would love it. They miss the trains the most in Boston. But it was a nice lunch with a good buddy.

Off to finally buy supplies for my baby project. It will give me something to do on the plane rides next week.

Then an impromptu get together with  good friends on a deck. Wine, good conversation, hummingbirds..what more can one ask of a summer evening?

My little flock of hummingbirds is up to five. I love to watch them each evening.

Today I take Shanna out for a belated birthday dinner at the favorite restaurant. 

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