Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mixed news

Today was the day that Naomi was to become divorced but that didn't happen because we didn't micromanage them to make sure everything was in order before they went to court.  Oh well, they will try again next month. We are assembling the paperwork ourselves

And Julie had her last ultrasound. The baby is in a good position and everything looks good. When she asked how big the baby was, she was told that their policy was not to tell the mom lest she become upset. What!!!??!  Shanna was given a weight that turned out to be a pound off a week before delivery  with Daniel though it is possible he had a last minute growth spurt. They did tell Julie that she will give birth within a week of her due date which I guess is true in about 80% of cases anyway so they aren't disclosing any big news there. They are sure again that it is a girl.

I feel better but still couldn't muster the energy to run especially as it is hot and humid. We had rain for the first time in 2 weeks but it didn't bring much of a cold front. I feel slothful and useless.

I did have Ms Maya this morning while Steve and Naomi were in court. She has increased her vocabulary quite a bit so maybe she is 6 month behind. Initially we were told that the school system has no money for 3 year olds but fortunately that has changed. She will be in preschool in 2 weeks.
she wanted a hairband out of the ribbons I had for my diaper cake

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