Monday, August 19, 2013


Daniel today: Just turned four

Daniel 4 years ago. Needed to be in a level 2 nursery 8 days and be tube fed
Cupcake tower at the shower Lemon ones especially tasty

Baby girl won't lack for much

Julie and Josh in baby's nursery
Although the tree is on the wall, the photographer's name is not
Finally finished my project for it
Shanna and Tess at the shower
Sunflowers on my early morning ride
Yesterday was a busy day. I woke up bright and early for my bicycle ride. A beautiful calm day. Then on to Julie's mega shower thrown by her mother's friend..a table for high school friends, a table for college friends, work friends mom friends, mother's relatives, dad's relatives and us.Fancy flowers, balloons, nail polish and fancy caramels for the guests. We will have a more Josh side of the family oriented one next week but it won't have 50 people. It was fun. My mimosas went well with the salmon salad. She seemed to like the art work I picked up at the art fair in Coupeville last week.

Julie has a close date to what Shanna had 4 years ago. Shanna 9-24; Julie 9-27. At one point by ultrasound, Daniel was so large, the due date was changed to 9-11. But just because he was the size of an average 40 week  newborn, doesn't make him a 40 week newborn. His lungs were as developed as a 34 week baby so he had difficulty clearing the fluid out of them. Plus he could not suckle without this oxygen levels falling dangerously low so he had to be tube fed. It was a scary week but he turned out just fine. If Julie is following Shanna, maybe her baby will be born tomorrow but we all hope it will stay in there a while longer.

Daniel loves all things Star Wars so a lot of his presents reflected that. Shanna had a small gathering of his aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents later in the day. He requested purple cupcakes. So hard to wait to open presents! We couldn't find a Star Wars costume so got him a Power Ranger one (a different color than last years) but Oliver immediately took a shine to it. They want the same stuff.

For the past week, I have been steadily working on my crochet project for Shanna's shower for Julie. Finally finished today. Now to make a diaper cake....

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