Monday, October 1, 2012


Another Pure Michigan! experience I missed: the lantern launch at GR's ArtPrize. We were leaving town as cars were backed up for miles coming in to town for the launch. Photo is from a friend of a friend.
They (whoever they are) have these lists You must be a Michigander if....

You point to your hand to show where you're from
You drink Vernor's.

You play Euchre.

Euchre was brought to Michigan by German settlers. Its popularity has since spread to other parts of the MidWest. Josh loves euchre and has been on a mission to spread its charm to the two coasts, his aunt and uncle. The other night, he wanted to introduce it to a new friend by having a euchre party at our house.

Um...could you clean up a bit before we come?

Yeah sure. Too bad I was exhausted by trying to get a week's worth of running done in one day. Also I was given pointers on how not to be so embarassing. Just love it. When will they grow up?

The party was a mixed success. Euchre has lots of rules. Naomi and Maddy had played before but needed a refresher course. The new friend grew up in Michigan but somehow escaped having to play Euchre and was at sea. Steve and I just sat on the sidelines and watched the fun.

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