Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More from the big scan project

Unhappy teenager

toothless 6 year old

The Moms minus one

Chicago right before 9-11

Chartres: Didn't need a map to find this (convenient as we had no map). Just headed towards the twin steeples miles away

Colmar: Alsatian towns are so pretty!

Steve in front of Bacchus statue in Staufen, Germany. I selected this town to stay in because of this statue and Dr. Faustus's house was there

Villandry: Loire Valley
Although we are not getting the flooding associated with Hurricane Sandy, we are getting the winds. I did run for a bit yesterday in gusts over 40 mph. At least it was dry. Today, I can hear ice pellets against the window. My friend's exile has been extended  so Naomi has more things to do and I will have Maya.

I've been on the computer trying to finish up my photobooks before I leave. Also I need to plan a bit more. Will Steve want to stay in a yurt teetering on the edge of a cliff in Big Sur? There is a bird's nest option. You sleep up in the trees in a nest for 2. Bring your own sleeping bags. Need to rent a car too.

Had a nice lunch with a friend yesterday though I forgot my wallet. My BC yoga was cancelled. Last week, the Drill Sergeant returned. She was a bit more restrained this time but...

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