Friday, October 5, 2012

Days of Pink

So it is Pinktober: Breast Cancer Awareness month. A perfect marketing opportunity. A business looks like it it is doing a good thing by putting a pink wrapper around its product promising if you buy it, some funds will be diverted to stop BC. What other cancer gets more attention? So maybe all of this good but the cynical amongst us think, hmmmm....

Also TV shows. I have been watching Parenthood with interest. One of the characters has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn't enough that she just gave birth  and is missing her college bound daughter and has a son with severe Asperger's. Breast cancer is the perfect dramatic vehicle  No yucky parts to discuss! And the drama! You know she will have to go through chemo and lose her hair even though most BC patients do not do chemo. And there will be the episode whether Adam still loves her minus the breasts. The show's producers has asked for input from breast cancer survivors. That is good. So far, there haven't been many wrong notes. The husband tries to be a cheerleader saying everything will be OK even though both know he doesn't have a crystal ball. He wants things to be OK but she can't express her fears to him (I told you everything will be OK...) so she feels isolated. Yep, I know that feeling.

The cold front moved in. Boo. Yesterday would have been a good day to enjoy my patio but the roofers were next door with their staple guns and falling debris all day. I went with Shanna and the kids to the park by the river.

Maya has been sick and crabby. Steve reluctantly agreed to watch her while Naomi and I had lunch alone. I am trying to get a handle on what is going on in her life.

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