Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boys in Pink

This picture was taken before Oliver's hair was cut. A mistake was made leaving a massive bald spot so the rest of the head was shaved. I don't have Halloween pix of the kids yet except for Ms. Tess. Maya was dressed in her kitten outfit this morning when I took her to her therapy class. Looks super-cute. Today they tested her fine motor skills which they still find deficient though not as bad as she originally tested. Where she failed: opens books several pages at a time rather than one. Can make a tower of 8 blocks, not 9. Does not draw a straight line when asked; scribbles instead. Good at opening bottles though. Her gross motor skills were not tested as she is probably ahead of most kids her age in these. Her greatest issue is her speech lag. She is saying more words now but does not put them together. I think she is about a year behind. Her receptive language is further along.

The Jersey shore is no more. I am glad we were able to enjoy it last April when we could. Where my MIL last lived in NYC on Rockaways is especially a mess. We got our own bit of Sandy with rains and strong winds yesterday. It was hard to get motivated to run in that mess. Plus there were ice pellets all over the place. I went to storytime with the grandbabies instead and then holed up at home with the babies. Then I finished 2 of the 3 photobooks I had planned. Just a bit more to do on one of them. Now I just need to make reservations for the big trip.

I did run today as the winds were not as strong as predicted. I felt good to be moving. Tonight, I will go trick  or treating with Maya at Josh's house. Houses are closer together there and it has been our tradition of sorts.

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