Monday, October 15, 2012

Good House Hunting

These would be our neighbors

We would have to drive on this road more than a mile
What should we do? We have lived in this house almost 30 years. It needs major updating, The road behind us is noisy (wasn't travelled much when we bought the house) and the rental next door is awful. Our neighborhood is popular right now due to the schools and access to the freeway so we should have no trouble selling it (except deciding what updates are absolutely necessary).

Last week I found a beautiful house on line. Fantastic land, decks, landscaping etc. Although it costs a bit more than we'd get for our house, the taxes are lower. This house would be about 3 miles from Josh though how long will Josh  remain where he is. We went out to see it. We travelled up and down a very pretty road but these hills would be glare ice in the winter. Not many neighbors: it would be absolutely quiet which Steve would love. Lots of shade from the many trees..but all is moot as now the house is off the market.

There was a second property we were momentarily interested in it. A mansion that we could get to on paved roads that still is in the Ann Arbor school system but has township taxes. Super deluxe house made affordable because it is a foreclosure. However, from the photos alone, I can see water damage and the 2+ acres are ugly. Just flatness and no trees. Last year there was a neo-Victorian near us (but in the township) that sold for half of its value. I bike by it regularly and kick myself for not acting.

And our house is so convenient. We are on the edge of town so I can quickly get out into the country for my runs and bikes. Maybe we could make it a lot better...

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