Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saint-Saens Organ Symphony


This is what I left off in my post about bright spots in dark days. This was one of my moments of wonder in my  life. I was at Hill Auditorium as a college student with my now dead boyfriend listening to this piece wondering about its name as I could not see nor hear any organ. But finally in the last movement, an organ emerged from the floor with its awe inspiring initial chords filling the auditorium. True beauty. I was in tears. The tinny speakers of this computer do not do it justice.

Steve and I drove through tunnels of trees and their beautiful colors recently while listening to classical music. At one point, this came on but then he reminded me that we had the station that plays only one movement of a piece. The first movement is nothing special so I was disappointed. But then the other night as I returned from Happy Hour, the full version was being played, which lasts much longer than my drive. I drove out into the country and then sat a long while in my driveway to hear it through. It was still special but nothing to compare to the thundering organ in person.

Indian Summer again. Great for running and walks. I had Ms. Maya for storytime and was pleased to see that she participated more rather than just sit scared stiff silently. She is such a little beauty. Later, my  other grandbabies came over. More of Steve's family's movies came back, which of course, are silent. But the video service added this songtrack, 80s hair band rock, which was so not fitting for a film about a seder in the 50s with close-ups of babies, Shanna and I collapsed in laughter.

Even later, dinner with Josh. He had his own amusing tales.

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Teri Bernstein said...

"Now dead boyfriend" ?? I am calling you tomorrow afternoon!!!


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