Saturday, October 20, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates

I have watched this show with interest. None of the people on this show are destitute, they just don't like to spend money. Not flushing the toilet to save water, eating expired food out of trash cans, using plasticware from fast food places, on and on. My father could have been on this show. He also was not destitute and grew up in a 4500 ft2 home but spending money was painful for him.

Never tipped because one legally does not have to do it; carefully looked at price tags on grocery items to see if there was a mismatch at the scanner entitling him to ten times the difference; all baked goods were from thrift stores; meat from a meat cutting school; never offering to pay for anyone's dinner but would be happy to be one's guest, 'vacations' from time share companies who make you listen to their spiel which fell on his deaf ears; not sharing his paycheck with my mom because he earned it not her, on and on. Now my mom was destitute despite being married to a man with a good income. She was forced to do inane things like melt little bits of soap together to make a big bar, work at the recycle center carefully stripping off the labels to be used in her refunding quests, bringing stuff home from her walks on trash day to be given as 'gifts'..

Yeah this show brings back old memories.

The last show featured a cheapskate out on a date. And the woman didn't get up and run for her life. Never date a cheapskate; they only will get worse.

The population of our town has temporarily doubled due to the UM vs MSU game. It is very hard to drive anywhere. A gloomy fall day but I was able to bike and run in the mist. It felt good. What would I do without exercise?

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