Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home movies

One of our projects is digitalizing all the home movies starting with Steve's family's old reel to reels. We got the first one back today: 30 minutes  of when he was 5 to 7 ending with the birth of his much younger  sister. He and his brother were very skinny kids but cute. Fun to watch. He has two more reels coming in shortly, one 60 years old. There are no childhood movies of me. There were some of me for a while but I unravelled the reel when I was young. Who knows why.
We have a bunch of Super 8 3 minute reels starting with Shanna's birth. We didn't film that but we did Josh's birth.

A cold, fall day. I ran early so I would be prepared to take Ms. Maya to storytime.  Her cousins were not there but came to our house later. Storytime still scares her and she sits there clinging to me tightly. But she loves to walk through the library, using the elevator buttons, opening doors with the handicap buttons, playing under the bicycle racks. She is slowly picking up words but remains very much behind. Hopefully her twice a week therapy will help.

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