Thursday, October 25, 2012

Deer crossing

I am Facebook friends with 4 of the 6 other girls my age that lived on my street. One of them recently sent me this;

So funny.

I had a doe jump right in front of me during my bike ride this morning. No deer crossing signs there.I am learning where they are more likely to cross. Fortunately no where on the long downhills.I wrote the other day about appropriate soundtracks for ones life. I always think of Mendlessohn's Italian Symphony (from Breaking Away) while going down steep downhills.

And a good soundtrack for those old videos of steve's would be Satie's Gnossienne#4. So beautiful but sad and wistful.

It will be almost 80 again today. We'll take the kids to a park.

Yesterday I saw Argo with a friend and liked it even though my first choices would have been The Sessions or The Master. We did sit outside enjoying the last of the warm weather afterwards with a drink.

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