Monday, October 29, 2012

Scary pre Halloween photos

Steve in my wig

I let someone take senior pictures with infrared film. Big mistake as eyes appear as black hollows

Moray eel: these things scare me. Couldn't get its ugly face

Love gargoyles

Hair raising

Really scary big shoulders and big glasses with the mom pictured here

Little tigers. The boy on the right I had written about has his own 2 kids
I have been scanning photos all weekend. I am making a Josh book this week at his request. Yeah I did bike yesterday but it was no fun. Temp=40; steady 20 mph wind with 30-40 mph gusts. Biking will be harder and harder in the coming months. Meanwhile, Livestrong alumni classes start today. Will I have time to go?
Hurricane Sandy has left my friend stranded out east. While Naomi tends to her stuff, I will take Maya to her classes.

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