Thursday, October 4, 2012


I voted in the Presidential election (why do some states get to vote early?) but for ArtPrize. There are two rounds of voting: one round to determine the Top Ten out of the 1500+ entries. I missed that as I was busy...
This is what I would have voted for.
though the video does not quite capture it. It didn't make the Top Ten but did make the Top 50.
I voted for the huge, pencil drawing of elephants full of fantastic creatures. Took lots of talent and imagination. Unfortunately you can't see all the detail in my pix but trust me, it was fantastic. What will win? That lantern launch. In second place? The stuffed moose being attacked by stuffed wolves.

My second choice:
I wish I saw the launch:!

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Teri Bernstein said...

I am going to try to arrange my schedule to be at ArtPrize next fall. I am so jealous! Thank you for posting all the cool pix. If I can get you into an SMC January trip to Macchu Picchu, BTW, are you interested? It is a little rugged...


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