Thursday, November 1, 2012


Tessa does not like things on her head
Daniel and Oliver

Maya out and about

Miss Big Eyes
Steve said that only 2 groups of kids came to our house. Not even the med students picked up their cans for the hungry. Even though it was cold and drizzly, there was non-stop trick-or-treating at Josh's where I helped pass out candy and where Maya went out for a short time.  I think she enjoyed passing out candy more running excitedly to the door to see who was there once she was tired of collecting candy.

Costumes are much more elaborate these days. No more cheap, plastic shifts to wear. My favorite: a great white shark. He was carrying no bucket. Where to put the candy? Just throw it in my mouth. Inside the gaping jaws was a candy basket.

Two clean cut eleven year old boys came dressed in suits and ties. Are you Mormons? (to Josh's extreme embarrassment). No they were government agents.

Lots of fun.
Never too old for Halloween. The middle lady is my 92 year old aunt

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Teri Bernstein said...

What a fun post...BTW, I think that picture of Steve in your wig belongs here...


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