Sunday, November 4, 2012

California Dreamin'

All the leaves are brown
And the sky is gray...
One of the lodges we could be staying in

The top strip is the yurt community that we will stay at one night in Big Sur with what the inside looks like. Below is the beach where we will stay the next night on the Monterey Peninsula. It features lots of tide pools, which I love to explore. The reservation lady said that I will see lots of deer. This isn't much of a treat for me but I am hoping for sea otters and dolphins.We had our choice of staying in a 'historic building' or something a bit more modern. As I thought I had tortured Steve enough with the yurt, we are going modern.

My brother lives on the Pacific Ocean about 30 miles south of San Francisco with several terraces and balconies overlooking the water so  we will get our fill of the ocean. He doesn't live far from the Ano Nuevo elephant seal colony, which is presumably way larger that the Piedras Blancas one I have visited before. We will visit San Francisco and Marin County too.

Here it is gray and cold.  Wind North by Northwest where one can't tell a hawk from a handsaw. (Strange Shakespeare quote). Why is this particular direction associated with craziness?The wind wasn't too strong so maybe I went out for my last bike ride here though I would like to bike in CA. The place we are going to stay at rents bike to go on that 17 mile road to Carmel-By-The-Sea. Or I could ride my brother's bike up and down the coast though getting it up 370 feet to his house might be difficult.

I am getting sick of robocalls. Either I don't answer or I just lift the receiver and slam it down. Yesterday the caller ID showed a name so Steve answered. A lady asked if he intended to vote. He hung up on her. Then she called back and wanted to know if I intended to vote. Guess what his response was.

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