Friday, November 2, 2012


Buon compleanno alla mia amica qui ha ottanta anni oggi!
(We will see if my friend remembers anything from our Italian 110 class)

Steve and I went for a fancy prixe fixe lunch in the burbs today. Above are our desserts: creme brulee and pot au chocolat. Included was a very tasty butternut squash bisque. My main dish was a fancy version of chicken and dumplings that included various wild mushrooms.

So I have a reservation for us to stay in a yurt on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Big Sur. Steve has his own reservations about this but I think he will survive. Can't wait to be able to forget the stuff here in Michigan if just for a short while (more bad news this morning.) Also I finally got around to renting a car bidding for one on Priceline. Since my offer was accepted so quickly, maybe I should have bid lower. Live and learn.

The grandkids were here yesterday. Today Shanna apparently just missed hitting a coyote out at her building site. She probably would not have seen that back in urban MA.

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