Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Strange searches

On Statcounter, there is a page which tells you how a reader came across your blog. Some readers come from other blogs; others know my url. But some are here for specific searches. What has been most popular lately is "How to isolate a drug". The drug in question is caffeine. I used it as a demonstration at work to show kids how we operate. The other is a diorama of a Chippewa village Shanna made as a 5th grader out of papier mache.

But then there are some weird searches. Several times, a picture of Shanna as an 8 year old was a result of a search for 'cute, nude, young boys". Ugh. She is a girl, not nude though she was young and cute. Today was a search of a child with Marfan syndrome and they came up with a photo of Naomi as a 10 year old. Yes she is tall and thin but does not have the other features of Marfan's.

We finally figured out how to put a password on our WiFi. Not sure if those crazy kids next door sucked off our internet for free but now they can't. Also I read about a scary court battle. Some downloaded child porn was traced to a certain ISP and a search warrant was issued. The owner of the ISP had no bad stuff on their computer but it was noticed that he had unsecured  WiFi. The authorities then used a program to see who was sucking it up and came up with the suspect whose defense was that it was an invasion of policy to hunt him down in such a manner. There is no expectation of privacy for the owner of the ISP but some one who 'borrow' WiFi might think they have 'an expectation of privacy'. After going back and forth, it was determined that the freeloader had no expectation of privacy either and was prosecuted.

So computers can be seized at any time. and apparently, individuals can trespass and take photos through windows that can't be viewed from the street to be used as evidence. Such is life.

Maybe it will be warm enough to bike tomorrow. At least it was dry enough to run. Another lazy day. Steve and I had a nice Latin lunch with empanadas and posole roja.

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