Saturday, November 24, 2012

TV chemo

Naomi with blonde streaks. She is never happy with her red hair but  at least this is better than her attempts to dye her hair dark brown. Steve is trying out his new camera phone

I have been watched Parenthood with interest particularly the storyline about Kristina's breast cancer. I understand that it is not much of a story when someone has chemo and then experiences absolutely no side effects but her lying on the bathroom floor covered with vomit while her autistic son demands this and that seemed unrealistic. Outright vomiting is rare with all the new antinausea drugs though it is true that most patients feel queasy and somewhat crappy. Her vomitting is ameliorated by marijuana  not the first thing people would try. The biggest danger to chemo patients is infection due to their immune system being shut down This can be life threatening. I am afraid that patients about to start chemo will be unnecessarily scared by watching the last episode. The episode did get it right showing Kristina trying to do all the normal things for her family without considering that she needs to step back and maybe not volunteer to keep a high needs child for the weekend so his parents can party in Vegas. And where were all her family while she was reeling on the floor? It did address how upset she was that her selfish mom couldn't find any time for her and how much that hurt.

I assume the next episode will feature the hair loss. 

Cold, windy, dark and gray: why I hate November. We even had a dusting of snow. Still the wind died down somewhat so I could get a run in. No icy puddles could form in all that wind.


Holly said...

I, too, was frustrated and angered by that episode! They should get some of US as consultants!!

Teri Bernstein said...

I watch Parenthood, too, and I was wondering how true to life it might be. Thanks for the perspective...


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