Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Alas photos will have to wait until I have access to a real computer. I am in a Pacific Grove motel on a Living Social voucher. Most places try to showcase their best. This place gives the worst rooms to the Living Social peeps even though there are many empty rooms.

But we have seen such beauty!
Last night was our yurt experience...so,so cool! The downside was a windstorm that made us feel that we will be blown away so sleep was impossible. Plus the potty was NOT in the yurt!  But zillions of stars greeted me as I stumbled up the hill for relief.
Using an iPad for typing is driving me crazy....so this will have to wait.

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Holly said...

i feel the same way about using the iPad for typing. that's why no blogging from me during the wedding week. i will have to catch up this weekend...


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