Friday, November 9, 2012

Skyline Drive

From top to bottom: Hidden hummingbird, Steve at Moss Beach, moss on a tree on Alpine Drive, Pumpkin Palace, redwoods, skinny, twisty road we were on for miles, mix of cream of chile and cream of artichoke soup at Duartes in Pescadaro, view of San Francisco Bay from Skyline Drive

I don't understand why the Blogger picture editor works differently on different computers. Frustrating plus I can't edit my photos either.

A minor quibble. It is very pretty here even though I hear it is warmer back in Michigan (a record low here the same week they had a record high). But in Michigan, all the flowers are dead, leaves are gone and here: lush vegetation. California poppies, calla lilies, scabiosa (awful name for a pretty flower) bloom wild in the fields. And people's gardens, especially my sister-in-law's are full of interesting flowers. We tried a different coffee bar this morning: an artsy surfer place at the base of my brother's hill. The weather channel had said it was 41 degrees and rainy at my location but to my eyes, it was sunny and much warmer. Too bad I had dressed for the cold temp. Even though there was no wind today, huge waves splashed across my path. Steve offered to drive me to a different part of the path but where I ran was the best part, close to the water. We then went to a marine sanctuary but failed to find the promised seals and tide pools (high tide!).

A few weeks ago, they featured an interesting restaurant on The Food Network which featured cream of artichoke soup, cioppino and olallieberry pie that isn't too far from where we are staying. On to Pescadero (cute little artsy town with fun galleries) up and down the hills of Route 1. Very pretty. After our lunch (good soup and pie) we drove inland up (operative word being UP)to the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains that run in the middle of the San Mateo county. We went in and out of several different microclimates, rainforest redoods to dry chapperal, back and forth a zillion times. Sometimes the road was only a bit wider than my car but luckily I didn't encounter anyone in the opposite direction. We tried to take photos of the trees. Hard to do. It was usually too dark or if the sun filtered in, too contrasty. But  the forests were very pretty. Our little road eventually met with Skyline drive. We could see the Ocean to our west and the Bay to our right. At one of the parks we stopped at, there was a warning about mountain lions.
A good day.

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