Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mama Sunflower

At the start of our breast cancer yoga class last night, the director came in to let us know that our beloved teacher had a recurrence of her breast cancer. This time it is all over the place. She just adopted an infant early this year who she refers to as Baby Sunflower. She is Mamma Sunflower. Such a sweet, gentle soul who I believe isn't yet 40. So unfair. A letter from Mama Sunflower was read to us saying that she will be a yogi among us instead of teaching the class. She is on a clinical trial in which some of her cancer cells are removed in order for artificial antibodies to be developed which are then inserted. It is  hoped that these antibodies  go out and destroy the cancer cells. They do have a similar procedure marketed for prostate cancer.

She had been feeling some pain which she had attributed to carrying Baby Sunflower but no, it was liver pain. Lesions were found within. Further scans showed similar lesions in her spine and lung. She had early stage breast cancer around the same time as I did, not sure what kind. In general, BC in younger women is more aggressive.

We were all in tears. It was hard to concentrate on the exercises  led our new teacher, Ms. Noodle, named by me as she said we were to emulate a wet noodle whereas I can only emulate a uncooked noodle. If I bend too much, I crack. Unlike Mama Sunflower, she has not had breast cancer. Although she had characterized our class as restorative, it exhausted me and I am among the healthy. She will need to dial it down a bit.

After my run, I took Maya to the library storytime where her cousins and aunt were. Then total chaos at my house for the afternoon.

I was discussing retirement with a friend the other day. She is afraid of it because, what would one do? Somehow, even with all this time on my hands, I don't have enough time to get things done. I have a list.....

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Holly said...

I don't even know Mama Sunflower yet I am devastated by this news....


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