Saturday, November 3, 2012


Maya in her Michigan wear
The grandbabies have one great-grandparent left out of a possible 8. Recently, they had a step-great, great grandma too (she was considered a child bride) but she died 2 years ago. Steve's mom aka Great-Grandma, lives in Seattle now. She has seen only Oliver in person though we send her lots of photos. We installed Skype recently so she, with the help of her daughter, can talk to the kids which she did today.

I never knew any of my great-grandparents.  My father's father's mother for instance was born in 1850. She would have been in her mid 100s to have met me. As it was, she was 40 when she had my grandfather (and had another at 42). She died 17 years before my dad was born (my grandfather did not have my father until he was in his late 30s). I assume her husband was even older.
I think the last of the great-grandparents, my mom's father's mom, died when my mom was an early teen. It was her job to take care of her. Apparently she was a very unpleasant person and probably didn't speak English. It is strange that my mom never mentioned her. I only knew this, and most things about my mom, from my aunt, the youngest.
I've done lots of  running this week as it has been too cold and windy to bike. I've found another place to stay on our way back from Big Sur on the Monterey peninsula. I bought it on Living Social but I won't be able to find out whether I can get a reservation on the day I want until tomorrow. I'll get my money back presumably if it doesn't work out.
Josh is in Minnesota with his Minnesota friends to watch the Battle of the Brown Jug. He should be happy as the Wolverines won handily even without Denard. Even colder there though.

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