Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Grandbaby ate my "I Voted!' sticker

Or at least chewed it up. but I did vote. I will be glad when this is finally finished; the robocalls are so annoying. And I bet not one robocall has done anything but annoy people.

Steve got up at 4:30 am to begin his poll worker shift. I don't expect to see him before midnight. I just hope he is packed. I got up shortly after he did. As soon as I saw a bit of sun, I went for a long run in the frosty air. Not sure when I will be able to run again though I am packing my stuff.
After my shower, I figured there would be a lull in the voting action. I guess there was but still no legal place to park and still 45 minutes of waiting.  I realize my vote doesn't mean much in a Presidential election but there was a bunch of local issues too. Those Ohio and Florida voters have all the power right now to make a difference. Naomi voted for the first time (the line got much longer) while I watched Ms. Maya.

Josh teaching Oliver some really complicated computer game
Later Josh, Shanna and her kids came over so I had a full house even though I am an election day widow. Am I packed yet? No but I have my list...

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Holly said...

Have fun in NorCak!! I'll wave to you in the air....


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