Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheddar cauliflower

Farm market purchases: cheddar cauliflower, peppers roma tomatoes, red peppers ,basil, brussel sprouts still on stalk, and plum-cots

Has much more Vit A than white variety

Family dinner guests

Another beautiful fall day. I biked in the cool air. I saw a flock of turkeys that I hadn't seen
 since last winter. I assumed they were the same as they were about a half mile from the last
 time I saw  them. My SIL was spending some quality time doing yoga with her nieces.
 When I returned home, Danny was there wanting a ride. Off we went to a playground.
 He wants to climb on the big kids' stuff but it is hard for him. We had fun.

Now if I were Ms. Efficient, I would have bought all my produce on my bike ride though
 eventually I had bought 2 huge 5 pound  cheddar cauiflowers and a 2 foot long stalk o
f brussel sprouts, sort of hard to carry. I tried to buy all local, most of the stuff is grown 
right at the farm that I went to. The exception was the fruit. There were some unripe pears
 of unknown origin and apples but I opted for plumcots from probably CA. What
 makes them different from plums? I think they are a bit tarter and have a firmer texture.

The plumcots were converted into a free form pie. Never will I do that again with anything
 except apples. Plumcot juice all over the place. The baking sheet is still soaking but the
 family seemed to like the taste.

Roma tomatoes turned into a Caprese salad along with the basil. Beefsteak tomatoes 
would have been better. The Brussel sprouts were stir-fried along with onions, shallots, 
bacon bits and garlic. The cauiflower was just steamed. I made a roast and gravy.
 I thought it would have been nice to have scallops but they are difficult to make for
 8 adults and 4 kids. Naomi thought I should have had both the roast and the scallop
s but would she be around to help prepare them? She said that she'd eat them. I also 
made a sun-dried tomato and mushroom risotto. Lots of slicing and dicing.

But it was nice though trying to have everyone at one table is becoming harder.

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