Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Book project

Ah, A rainy day. Let's see how much time I can devote to my baby book project. My groupon expires in just a few days. Why do I put these things off? So far, I've taken the baby books and scanned in about 70 pix. What is the scope of this book? Do I just have my babies or do I include my babies' babies?
The day after I gave birth to Naomi. Josh is 9 and Shanna is almost 12. My mom is looking at me. My sister in law and her 3 kids are here though only the back of one of the twins can be seen

Naomi at about 3 months

Josh holding the newborn Naomi

Josh at 17 months. Look how blonde he is.

Me holding the 14 month Josh. See, I used to be thin.
Shanna's 3 babies this week

Shanna is about 14 months here. She has the prettiest eyes. Her hair is dark blonde. By the time she was 13 or so, it turned medium brown

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Holly said...

I SO admire that you are putting together these baby books! It is a huge job...I'll be waiting for retirement until I can do projects like this...btw...I cracked up with your diaper cream comment!!


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