Saturday, September 1, 2012


Tonight's the season's opener against Bama. Our fans above are dressed for the occasion. Josh is having a big party at his house. People kept asking him if they could bring so and so..but after a while, he had to say no. Tomorrow one of the buddies that used to go on the Michigander with us is getting married. In my mind, he is a 14 year old boy struggling to keep up with his testosterone poisoned buddies but I guess they do grow up. The rest of the biking buddies flew into town to go to this wedding. It seems after their rehearsal dinner, all will be at Josh's house to watch the game and to catch up. No I wasn't invited though we had a nice sushi lunch today. My favorite roll? Spicy tofu.

So the end of summer. Since my days of digging in the dirt planting flowers is at an end, I figured it was time for a manicure along with my pedicure. So now I have sparkly salmon colored nails. The place that I go to includes hot stone felt so good but I had to take my ugly runner's watch off..yep, I left it there. I feel lost without the watch especially while running, so this morning I biked instead. No wind, which was a plus. I later gave Ms. Maya a ride to in The Prowler (such a creepy name). Plus tomorrow morning, the remnants from Isaac are due to hit Michigan.

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