Friday, September 14, 2012

Where goes the time?

Pretty pink sedum with CA poppy

Maya in a ball saucer at her enrichment class
Josh was unapologetic about waking us up at 5 am last week. We could sleep anytime..we don't have jobs.

This morning I reached for my pill carousal full of a week's pills. It was empty. I swear I just filled that thing.

My former soulmate called the other day. He recently retired and worried that he won't be able to fill up the we? Yes we do. So far, he has plenty to do too but he is afraid that won't always be the case.

So what do I do? I spend a good part of the night reading. I wish I could sleep but that is not always possible. Still I am happy to get up around 7, drink a Steve made coffee, check the web, do a puzzle (favorite: killer sudokus), read the paper, exercise and then shower. Already I am up to 11 when I eat lunch or breakfast. I fuss with my garden. There's less to do now since the season is ending. I deadhead my blooms and weed. Monday and Wednesday, Maya has her therapy and her enrichment class. I went to 2 of her 3 classes this week. I also took her to storytime Tuesday at the library where Shanna and her kids were. They all came over that afternoon. Josh came over at least one of the evenings this week and I've been on the phone with him the other evenings. He leads an interesting life which is all I can put in the blog at this point.

Monday I went to breast cancer yoga where I reconnected with an old friend who, in the life is not fair vein, is battling BC a second time. Wednesday late afternoon, I had my cooking class. Early Wednesday morning, I took my recovering friend to the Farmer's market. On one of the days, I spent more than an hour with the former soulmate. It was a very good talk, lots of laughing. We weren't former soulmates for nothing. The fly in the ointment was that I am the wrong sex. But we are still good friends which is more than I can say for those who found me to be the right sex.

Yesterday, I took the boys to one of those bouncy castle places on a Groupon. We were the only customers and the castles were completely deflated when we arrived. Oliver said the best part of the afternoon was watching them inflate. I would have taken pictures but it was quite dark in there. Otherwise, it is better than the other bouncy castle place for young kids as the slides are easier to climb. Ms. Maya will have her shot at it soon.
Today, after me running, Steve and I went out to lunch and then shopped..

I do spend some time on this blog. Sometimes too much. By the time evening rolls along, I am exhausted. Steve and I sit on the patio and watch the hummingbirds. The male ones haven't been around for a while. The girls are still battling for their space but spend much more time on the flowers now. I have plenty of them. I am trying to limit myself to one drink a day sometimes diluting the wine or sangria with seltzer to make myself think I am having more than I am. I talk to friends or family on the phone. We watch a little TV..lots of HGTV as we still are planning to either remodel or ditch this place alltogether. Lots to be done but somehow, things get in our way like dealing with our rental property.

The big news of the week is that Shanna and her family are building a house. They came over one night to share the details. We are excited for them. They get to have the house just the way they want. The downside: March will be the earliest they can move in and April is more likely.

Tomorrow, The Moms and I will have 'group" as we call it, out on the Farm. I am the dessert lady and bought plenty of plums that I hope will be ripe enough to turn into a tart.

So the time goes...and I am still here.

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