Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Plum pancake

One of the dishes I used to prepare for Shanna was a big, apple pancake. One sautes a bunch of apples with large amount of cinnamon in an oven-proof skillet, pours in the eggy batter over it while still hot, and then bakes. It puffs up like a souffle. Well I had no apples (bad year in Michigan due to the early blossoms being killed by the frost)  but lots of plums. It worked out well. I didn't use cinnamon though, just a bit of lemon zest and a bit of sugar.

Josh brought me some pear challah French toast with creme anglais the other day. Pretty good. I noticed the restaurant he got it from (Frittata in Clawson) also has graham cracker French toast stuffed with raspberries and mascarpone cheese. There was a restaurant in Ann Arbor years ago that had gingerbread waffles with sauteed apples but alas it is gone. No fancy pancake place left here (and no, I don't count IHOP).

The 60 day waiting period for the divorce begins today. It is sad but there is no hope for that marriage. At least they are leaving as friends and she doesn't want much from him. They are sharing the dog.

When Ramy is out of town for work, Shanna and her kids stay here as was the case yesterday. Earlier, I went to Maya's school where they have 4 therapists for the 4 kids in her class. They were able to coax a few words out of her. She only occasionally says words without being coached.

It does feel like fall with a high only at 61. Good for running.

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