Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Story time at Traverwood

The local library at night (from net)

Oliver holding Maya's hand while listening to a story

Maya playing with a puzzle

Ash trees used as support beams

Pretty glass mosaic

Maya likes to play with the bicycle rack

Happy Tess

Twice a week, the local library branch has story time for those from 2-5. They tell a few stories complete with puppets and have sing-a-longs and a part in which the kids can dance. Shanna has been taking her kids to the Tuesday morning session and for the past  few weeks, I take Maya.  Maya is intimidated by strangers but feels better if she holds Oliver's hand. After a while, she and Daniel jockey for position on  Shanna's lap. I try to amuse Ms. Tess.

About 5-6 years ago, the emerald ash borer killed all the ashes in Ann Arbor. In some parts of our neighborhood, half of the trees lining the streets were ashes. I had a huge ash just off my property line (thankfully as it would have been expensive to cut it myself) When the library was built, they tried to use as much of these dead ashes as possible building it. Out of the Ashes...they call the branch.

The local branch used to be much closer but it was in an ageing strip mall. This place is much more attractive but one has to go up a good sized hill to get there.

Afterwards, the kids were all at our house. Daniel went for a bike ride with me.

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