Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoes of a different color

I'm sure Janet appreciates this note
(from Paasive/Aggressive)
As Josh walked into work yesterday, he happened to glance at his feet: one shoe was brown, the other black a la Lydia of Breaking Bad. I guess he could be excused as he probably dresses in the dark but he stays up very late and gets up very early. Too much going on. No one seemed to notice but he felt compelled to bring it to everyone's attention lest they were quiet from politeness. He wanted them to know he knew.

As on most Wednesdays, I went to the Farmer's Market early with my friend. I bought more summer squash. I had cooked up a big batch last night along with my peppers, but after Josh's visit, I noticed I only had peppers left. Maybe this time, I will get to eat some of it. Also bought huge, juicy tomatoes for a Caprese salad. I do have basil in my container garden.

Usually at this time (9:30 am) I would be out biking but I will go to Maya's enrichment class in an hour. Right now, she's at therapy. Hopefully the traffic won't be bad early afternoon though it will be close to 90 deg today. Then it will be my Cooking for Survivors..I have missed a lot of the classes in the past 5 months.


Anonymous said...

My husband has worn two different shoes to work. :) it happened once.

Teri Bernstein said...

The receipt-writer should have also used the spell and grammar check..."trys"


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