Saturday, September 29, 2012

A return to Grand Rapids

Mild case of golfer's vasculitis that I got from Tuesday's adventure. The next day, I went to get my nails done. The pedicurist wondered if it hurt or was contagious. No on both counts but it was ugly.Fortunately it has faded and did not come back.

The kids' favorite interactive art. A huge push pin sculpture that you lean on one side. Lots of school kids explorinng the ArtPrize

Picture made from soot. I will post Daniel's own soot work soon.

Sculpture inside of our lunch place: a very tasty tapas place

View from our table

Sister and brother inside of an entrant for ArtPrize

Discarded clothing mountains

Clay heads

Pretty butterfly

copper wire head

This was a crowd favorite: a stuffed moose being attacked by stuffed wolves

Einstein and frisbee

pine needle bear

Georgia on someone's mind

Mermaid head

reflection: not part of ArtPrize
A beautiful day again to explore art: this  time with Steve and his sister. I tried to show them what I thought was best plus we explored venues I didn't have time to go to the other day. Anyway, a fun and interesting time had by all.  Later after our dinner in Brighton, Shanna came over minus the boys to have some quality time with her aunt who treated us all for breakfast this morning.

Must go run before I really blimp out.

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